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Top choice of rooms
Top price / performance
Unique location
Living in the timber frame house

Hotel Mühlhäuser Hof

We warmly welcome you to the Mühlhäuser Hof. Nestled in one of the proud rows of houses of the Mühlhäuser Bürgerhäuser, the Hotel Mühlhäuser Hof offers the personal service of a house that looks back on a long, eventful history and yet goes with the times. You will live centrally on the edge of the old city wall, which – today still almost completely continuous – characterizes the cityscape of Mühlhausen.

The location of the hotel

The location of the hotel is unique in Mühlhausen. The Stone Trail, the shopping and strolling mile, is right in front of your feet. The train station can be reached on foot in twelve minutes and the Swan Pond is a 30-minute walk away.

The hotel rooms

The hotel rooms within the historic building have the cosy atmosphere, which the guest attaches particular importance to on the way. Every room of the Hotel Mühlhäuser Hof is equipped with love and care for the highest demands.

Art hotel in Mühlhausen

The Mühlhäuser Hof is not only the first house on the square, but with its collection of contemporary art is also considered the art hotel in Mühlhausen. The collection includes more than 100 works by internationally renowned artists such as Max Ernst, Otto Pine, Gert and Uwe Tobias and Johnny Friedlaender, who decorate the lobby, corridors and function rooms of the hotel and with which the hotel rooms are gradually equipped.

Your advantages at the Hotel Mühlhäuser Hof

Room Selection & Comfort

  • All rooms with minibar and safe
  • Accessible room
  • Family rooms, baby cots and child-friendly rates
  • Extra smoking room, all other rooms are smoke-free
  • Rooms with bathtub
  • A luxurious suite

Unique location of the hotel

  • Exclusive hotel in the middle of the old town of Mühlhausen
  • Living in the timber frame house
  • Free parking in the historic city centre of Mühlhausen
Hotel Mühlhäuser Hof - Außenansicht

Price / Performance and Extras

  • Beer garden
  • Cosy bar
  • 24h Free Wi-Fi
  • Conference room / Room for celebrations
  • Elevator
  • Sauna

History of the hotel

Geschichte des Hotels Mühlhäuser Hof

History of the Hotel Mühlhäuser HofThe listed property Steinweg 65/Breitenstraße 1 was only converted into a hotel in 2005. Owners of the property have been since 1524
Proven. Old barrel vaulted cellars below are even dated to the 13th century. There was also a stone ground floor even then.

At first, gerbers were probably located there; running water was already present in the form of artificial channels (discovered in 1983); an open canal crossed the stone path.

After the “Great Fire” in 1689, which destroyed the building – like almost half of the city – a so-called farmer’s house was built with old foundations and Gothic components (the neighbouring monastery? see court facade), now in the style of the “German Baroque”. The owner was granted the right to brew, which was used until the First World War.

A completely closed four-sided courtyard was built around 1800 due to additions and conversions; the large hall, which had served as a workshop in the farmer’s house,
was subdivided and a “Comptoir” ( 1st window to the right of the entrance door) installed. After further changes to the main and outbuildings, a restaurant was established in 1898, which in 1925 received a high-quality Art Nouveau facility.

In 1983, further reconstructions led to the loss of a side building with arcades and a medieval vaulted cellar.

Worth mentioning is the “oldest hand-carved wooden door of Mühlhausen” from 1798 and a faded inscription in the originally certainly truss-sighted gable of the upper floor, which was heavily altered when the restaurant was installed:

„Anno Domini 1689.
Andere bauten für uns /
und wir bauen der Nachwelt“

What to see in Mühlhausen

In the heart of Thuringia is Mühlhausen, the city of gates and churches. The architectural diversity and urban redevelopment of recent years has brought the old town to a new splendour. The visitor is presented with a centuries-old and historic cityscape with the preserved and walkable city walls and lots of culture.

In Mühlhausen there are numerous sights, such as the Peasants’ War Museum, the Museum Gallery of All Saints’ Church, the historic fortification, the Marienkirche (Müntzer memorial), the historic city wall and much more.

Leisure activities in Mühlhausen

Our city offers you numerous leisure opportunities. Enjoy “the sparkling water” on over 800 sqm of water in the Thuringia thermal spa with sports & wave pools and a fantastic sauna area. The Mühlhäuser Stadtkirmes is a cultural highlight in the city every year.

Discover our surroundings, the centre for nature & culture. Mühlhausen is an ideal starting point for exploring the Hainich National Park with its treetop path, the Hainich National Park Exhibition, the Kyffhäuser with Barbarossa Cave, the Bird of Prey Show at Gleichenstein Castle, the Borderland Museum, the Bear Park, the Model railway Wiehe or a canoe tour on the Werra.